Original Poetry: meet me (right here right now)

How many stories have you heard

that start with “once upon a time…”?

An encompassing phrase for the pure and kind

they see it best to express life through rhyme

but no one seems  to know how to say

what’s on their mind.


Stand up, stand proud

let it bleed, sweat, smile cry through you


Scream out, say it loud

I’m me, not “who”?


Let me tell you a secret I’ve never told:

its brewing thin my brain,

authentic as can be

way up in the stars, way beyond the cold

Beyond the realm of humanity

between a girl, her dreams and

why she placed them so far away


I see it on your face

that look of ecstatic curiosity

such a familiar emotion, one I can place

I can’t believe its your ferocity

that reminds me of home, so far away


And now I say:

do not as I do,

who abandoned her dreams

out of insecurity,

but instead, see passion as a flame worth protecting.




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