Original Poetry: Emotional Complexity

A throwback: a poem I wrote on 1/30/13.

The breadth and depth of your emotions know no bounds

because they are figments of you that are

wholly permanent, forever staking a claim in the empty space

of your existence,

and eternally growing, manifesting themselves in a way

that will always exist, always remind you of everything

you have and will experience.

The breadth and depth of your emotions swirl

around in your mind, a blizzard that etches itself

inside your mind and buries itself in the crevices of the

pores on your face

and making themselves comfortable inside

the empty spaces in your ears

and slips off of the callouses on your fingertips.

Too much emotion will drown you in a sea of complexity


too little emotion will isolate you from the world.

With so much emotional conflict constantly skating across your brain,

no wonder your heart, without any questions or doubts, rebels against you

so loudly, so fervently, so violently.


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